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Special Weapons: They all have their use, but their limited nature forces you to really think what its role will be. Heavy Weapons: They've got good range, so long shots won't be a problem. Moving is, so it makes sense for Heavy weapons to be handled by the Heavy specialist.

Pistols: Remember everyone in your Kill Team except combi-weapons sergeants has a Pistolwhich can save your ass in combat, as not all enemies have one and shooting happens before melee.

Furthermore, dealing a Flesh Wound in the shooting phase increases the chances of landing a true kill in melee. Grenades: You're not in 40K anymore, Kill Team's game mechanics make using a grenade a risky endeavour. Only 6" range, you can't use them after an Advance or failed charge, and being an I-go-You-go game, at such close range the enemy might charge before you get to shoot.

And even in overwatch you're better off using another weapon, unless it's a bolt pistol. IF the enemy goes before AND they fail a charge AND they get so close to you that you'd need to have the initiative the next turn to have a chance of escape AND they're a unit you wouldn't want to be in combat with despite going first after an easy charge, THEN you might use them. See how hard to use they are? That's why the Intercessor Gunner's Auxiliary Grenade Launcher is such a game changer, especially if he's your Demolitions specialist.

If playing a Campaign, a lvl2 Grenadier Demo also has an easier time using them, and a Scout can use Quick March to move farther before throwing the grenade. Asking how to optimize space marine teams is an interesting proposition, considering how many possibilities this team has.

SM are the ultimate jack of all trades here, with high saves and decent morale that can be re-rolled, plus all of the variety of weapons both melee and ranged you could want. The best way to deal with SM is experience. Really, once you see the opponent's list, you may know what he can do, but SM are the ultimate jack of all trades in KT, and can adapt well enough to most situations. Generalist lists only get you so far, though, and will leave the player using them rather exposed to the strategy of his opponent.

Plasma spam with the IG is a good strategy, considering that even the heaviest loadout team will outnumber them, and overloading plasma will deal with the Primaris as well more so if you play as Cadian, with those sweet 1 rerolls.

Beating them in melee is difficult, but teams like the harlequins, Death Guard and obviously the Custodes have good chances against them. However, Astartes can easily adapt to this by fielding specialist units, as they are one-man army knives. If you have to fight against a good Astartes player, consider what your strengths are and how his roster would allow to circumvent them, and try to play your faction differently.

Exclusive to the Librarian, with the exception of Hammerhand, which is also available to the Brotherhood Champion. Grey Knights are a high risk, high reward team of elites. Every model counts, and you will need every scrap of cover you can find to keep your dudes alive.Each one of you is unique, a work of art never to be repeated.

I am miserly with your lives, where I would spend so many others without a thought. To them, it must seem as if we are wrath incarnate. To them, it must seem as if we were created for destruction and nothing else. But we were His companions, once. We were the ones in whom He confided. We were His counselors, we were His artisans.

adeptus custodes kill team

We were the first glimpse at what the species could become if shepherded aright and unshackled from its vicious weaknesses. Of course, we were taught to fight. He knew that war would come.

Custodes vs Grey Knights - Kill Team 125 points Batrep

It was a necessary part of the ascension, though it was never destined to last for eternity. We were the guardians of a new age, and had to be strong enough to keep it secure. Their chapter master equivalent being their Captain-General, and their equivalent of a Primarch being the Emperor of Mankind.

The Captain-General has the distinct honor of being granted his position, not specific individuals the same authority as the Emperor should the Emperor or Malcador or his equivalent not be available. Which you probably just realized means the Captain-General is personally responsible for every single flaw of the Imperium as he alone has the power to prevent or correct those flaws and keep the High Lords in line. Instead, he very rarely communicates with any non-Custodes at all whether directly or indirectly, leaving the High Lords and Imperial Senate to their own devices and the Imperium leaderless.

The Custodians are warriors unmatched in the galaxy, genetically-engineered by the Emperor himself. The Emperor first created these elite warriors back in the old days of his conquest of Terra, making them souped-up and more long-lived versions of the already hilariously OP Thunder Warriors.

In a somewhat dickish move, his preferred recruits for the Custodians were the children of his conquered enemies. In the "present", they are instead taken from Terran nobility. While the Thunder Warriors were eventually replaced by the far more stable and far less brawny Space Marines, the Custodians apparently still use those ancient methods but geared towards producing far more stable warriors and as such lack a gene-seed. Instead, they use a much more complex process of bio-alchemy to attain their superhuman abilities, and this process modifies them at a cellular level.

Unlike Space Marines, prospective Custodians are selected in infancy, long before they have any ability to prove themselves as Space Marine aspirants might be able to. As a side-effect, many candidates are driven mad or killed in the process of becoming a Custodian. Also, the process of creating Custodians is only partly standardized: certain unorthodox-but-useful traits may be created or amplified if an initiate shows the unique potential making Golden Bodyguards quite an internally-diverse bunch of matchless warriors - much less like Space Marines and much more like the witchers from Sapkowski's books.

Custodians are unique as they have neither a Primarch nor do they use gene-seed to produce their genetic modifications. They stand a full head taller than a Space Marine.

Constantin ValdorChief Custodian to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, was the same size as the traitor Primarch Alpharius of the Alpha Legion though he was the smallest of the primarchs. Although the Adeptus Custodes were among the first genetically-modified warriors to be created by the Emperor and still the most advanced of them, they were never intended to be part of a conquering army; such a role was to be filled by the latter Adeptus Astartes armies.

This is revealed both in their mindset and training: While Custodians share a semblance of kinship with one another within the formation, they do not foster the same spirit of brotherhood that is instilled within the Astartes to help them function together as a unit. Indeed, when the Emperor remarks that it is humanity's nature for brothers to fight brothers, one of His Custodians responds that he wouldn't know anything about it because he has no brothers. None of this is to say they weren't made to be extremely potent warriors, they were but their purpose was to fight alongside the emperor as bodyguards rather than as a conquering army.

As shown in the webway they were perfectly capable of acting as an army in even the worst imaginable circumstances; it just isn't their primary purpose. As far as personalities go, Custodians can be as wide and as varied as Astartes. Some, like Diocletian Coros, were single-minded to the point of myopia, and considered the nameless masses not worth his time. Others, like his contemporary Aquillon, were shown to be capable of bonding with a Space Marine and regretting the human costs of a Compliance action.

Ra Endymion didn't give a shit about saluting Jenetia Krole because only the Emprah deserves it, but at the same time, he tried to look kind with the Soulless Queen's nine-year-old aide by giving her his winningest smile, which results in a fail of epic proportions.

Tribune Maldovar Colquan in Dark Imperium is a contemptuous bastard that harbours dislike and distrust of everyone ranging from guardsmen to Guilliman while Valerian and Navradaran from Watchers of the Throne are surprisingly tolerant and level-headed when dealing with mere mortals showing blatant weakness.

When preparing for war, each Custodian prepares and inspects his equipment individually, rather than on military parade. The individuality of each Custodian is further promoted by the fact that the processes required to produce them are not as refined or as simple as that of the Astartes and thus they are not "mass-produced" as the Astartes are; meaning that each Custodian is a unique investment for the Imperium.Custodes have two non-commander choices: Custodian Guards and Allarus Terminators, clocking in at 33 and 67 points, respectively.

I never take Allarus Terminators, as they are just not worth it in any game below points. Generally, two Custodian Guards are preferable to one Allarus because they can be in two different places at once, and you always need to be able to threaten multiple parts of the board. At points you have three models, so each one needs to be doing something every turn to contribute towards victory, meaning you want to skew towards the higher output option.

Your go-to unit for Custodes kill teams. In a standard point game you will be taking 3 Custodian Guard. You have to take a Leader, which leaves two specialist slots. I usually take a Veteran and a Combat specialist. Custodes need to get across the board quickly, and need first turn charges if they can get them. You can also take Scout, Sniper and Zealot specialists, but in point games you only have three models and one must be the leader.

If you are playing a point game and can take the leader and three specialists then I would choose Zealot for the third for the extra close combat attack. For weapons I almost always take guardian spears with the additional free attack from misericordia. If you do take Allarus Terminators you need to have a plan for how to use them and customise them for your opponent. Against T3 and T5 opponents Death Guard for examplegive them guardian spears, because you will still be wounding on 2s against T3 and 3s against T5 regardless, and you get an extra -1 AP to carve through armour.

Against T4 opponents take castellan axes, because you will be wounding on 2s. Ultimately if you crunch the numbers, unless you are fighting Marines, Orks, or Thousand Sons, then guardian spears are usually the best choice. Adeptus Custodes get access to a single Commander option, the Shield-Captainwho clocks in at a minimum of points.

If your local meta allows you to play Commander games without a Commander model, then 6 Custodian Guard, or 4 with an Allarus is a much better force to take. Custodes get six stratagems available to them, some of which are more useful than others. From Golden Light and Concussion Grenades are both specific to Allarus Terminators, and taking one in a standard point game limits you to only two models.

A first turn alpha strike like this lets you start scoring these objectives in turn 1, and possibly be on an objective in the enemy backline on turn 2. If you are playing with secondary objectives in Annihilation and Arena formats for example then you need to be very careful in your selection.

Engage on All Fronts is impossible, because you need at least four models for it. Scout the Field is similarly difficult, because it also ties up at least 2 of your models to do it, one of them in the corner of the board. Obliteration is easy though, because if you kill any model with shooting from guardian spears you score it, and most of the time your close combat kills will also score it.By NorradNovember 28, in Warhammer 40, Just too elite for that game.

I suggest running some scout marines as Adeptus Custodes Trainees. Sisters will probably get rules for kill team around the time GW releases the new plastic sisters models. Maybe sooner. No source for this, just my gut feeling. But it could work. One model in 40k is 52 points with a minimum load out. The narrative matches might be fun. Sisters are definitely coming for KT. Custodes are a maybe. I bet we see them in a CA or something added on, but not official. If fans listened to what GW said should or should not be in the games, then just about everything they sell other than WH40k would be dead.

I played probably around a dozen games against varied players and factions when it first dropped. For instance, I played orcs vs thousand sons and the mission was to assasinate his commander. However, in games where bodies count over kills orcs were fantastic. So, yeah, in a pick up game- I think it sucks. Additionally about out every third match I had someone had a different take on the way the game played and we spent 2 hours rifling thru the rule book for clarification.

I think I lost probably 7 of the 8 games I've played so far and still have a good time. Yeah, I had no chance in some missions, but I still had fun. Kill team is way beer and pretzels for me. That being said, it isn't fun for you. Fair enough. Especially annoyed with GW's take on only allowing unmodified troops kits for kill team.

CSM only have heavy bolters because their heavily dated kit only has heavy bolters in it, while SM get more options because their troops kits are much more updated than my CSM.

Just adding insult to injury. That said, none of this got me to stop. I left when they added the commanders expansion. I feel like I was hoping for too much from GW in kill team.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.During the glorious days of the Great Crusade these heroes fought at the side of the Emperor himself.

After his fall they became his protectors and agents both, defending the Golden Throne and enforcing its inviolate will. Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat.

Rapid Fire weapons are capable of single aimed shots at long range and controlled bursts at close quarters. B ooks.

Custodes in Kill team !! & Sly marbo

A deptus Custodes Kill Teams. T actics. A ura Tactics. D atasheets. C ommanders. W argear. Adeptus Custodes Kill Team An Adeptus Custodes kill team can be Battle-forged if it consists of at least two models rather than three modelsas long as it adheres to the other conditions set out in the Kill Team Core Manual as modified by the mission, where relevant. Use this Tactic at the end of the Movement phase when an opponent sets up a model within 12" of a model from your kill team that is not shaken.

Your model can immediately shoot at the enemy model as if it were the Shooting phasebut you must subtract 1 from the resulting hit rolls. Use this Tactic at the beginning of the Morale phase.

adeptus custodes kill team

Choose a model from your kill team that is not shaken. Opponents must add 1 to Nerve tests taken for enemy models within 3" of that model in this phase. Use this Tactic at the end of the Movement phase. Use this Tactic when an opponent chooses a model from your kill team that is not shaken as a target of a charge. When that model fires Overwatch in this phase, they successfully hit on a roll of 5 or 6. Until the end of the battle round, that weapon has an AP characteristic of 0, but models that suffer any hits from that weapon cannot attack in the Shooting phase, and your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls made for those models in the Fight phase.

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Use this Tactic when you choose a model from your kill team to fight in the Fight phase. Until the end of the phase, add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made by that model using a guardian spear. That model is Readied. Use this Tactic at the end of a battle round if a COMMANDER from your kill team other than a shaken model is on the battlefield, and a roll is to be made to determine if the battle continues or ends.

Before the roll is made, choose one: add 1 to the result or subtract 1 from the result. Do not remove that model from the battlefield. Your opponent should finish resolving any attacks that target other models. Then, the Commander can immediately shoot as if it were the Shooting phaseor fight as if it were the Fight phase.

Then, remove the Commander from the battlefield. Until the end of the phase, increase the Attacks characteristic of that model by D3 if at least one model from your kill team is out of action. Use this Tactic at the start of the Shooting phase. Choose a model from your kill team armed with a sentinel blade that is within 1" of an enemy model.

Use this Tactic at the start of the Movement phase.This message was edited 1 time. Forum Index. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Times and dates in your local timezone.

Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. So - possibly the most ridiculously over-the-top kill team, potentially a 2-model force! In terms of choices, you have two to make: Do you want an allarus custodian?

They have an extra wound but going from 3 to 4 is hardly a huge deal. The grenade launcher means you don't loose out on firepower, plus you get the concussion grenade tactic - but I feel that a custodian team is never going to win a shootout.

If it let you pin someone from firing overwatch it'd much scarier.

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The second call is swords versus spears. Spears versus axes if you take a terminator is pretty much a matter of taste, but swords versus spears is a huge change. S6 and high damage is massive versus things like death guard, whilst pistol 2 swords can chop up orks something rotten in a sustained fight. Three spear-wielding custodians seem like the simplest and most iconic force, but how well they'll do is a good question I'm hoping to play some games this Friday. I don't have an Allarus painted but I'll be giving the other combos a shot.

My first build is going to be all Spearmen. With only three dudes and four turnsyou need to shoot stuff to even the numbers.

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I'm hoping that Dmg2 guns will make a difference. I'm torn on skills besides the mandatory Leader. I'll start with Sniper and Combat for now. I may swap Combat with Veteran to beat opponents to objectives and make them fight me. Does that sound practical? I played my first two games last week and had a blast!

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I would've played him with a normal team but I didn't have my other minis. I also played a Necron team not in photos. Despite not having anything fancy, he managed to tie by claiming and contesting objectives.

Some general observations : Custodes are tough and you want to get them up the board in cover as quickly as possible. Their shooting is also good thanks to Dmg2.

Even their swords have Pistol 2. I was experimenting with Forward Positions from the Scouting Phase and the advance move from Veteran to get two of my dudes up the board. Board size is very small. It's easy to miss this when reading up on weapon ranges and psychic powers.

You only have 4 turns, so be aggressive and tank the hits if you have to. Don't forget the new reserve tactics from Kill Team: Elites that let you bring a dude on from the any edge 5" away at the end of the movement phase. It's been stated before, but Custodes do poorly at objective missions: Clever opponents will slow you down with an expendable charge while their buddies outnumber you on objectives.If for any reason the number of rounds in a fight is changed then bets on round betting already placed will be void and stakes returned.

For betting purposes betting on rounds or groups of rounds is for a fighter to win by KO, TKO or disqualification during that round or group of rounds. In the event of a Technical Decision before the end of the fight all bets will be settled as a win by Decision.

Draw-No-Bet - In the event of a draw all bets will be void and stakes returned, this includes a fight which ends in a Majority Draw. Total Rounds 2-Way - Full round quotes are used. The Round in which the fight ends will be used for settlement purposes. In the event of a fighter retiring on his stool between Rounds e.

In the event of a Technical Decision before the end of the fight, all bets will be settled as a win by Decision. For fights where a draw is not possible e.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Kill Team(8E) Imperium

Prizefighter, the Draw or Technical Draw is not quoted. To Go the Distance - For settlement purposes the official designated number of rounds must be fully completed for bets to be settled as Yes. For settlement purposes a knockdown is defined as a fighter being KO'd or receiving a mandatory 8 count (anything deemed a slip by the referee will not count).

The following minimum number of overs must be scheduled, and there must be an official result (Duckworth-Lewis counts) otherwise all bets are void, unless settlement of bets is already determined.

Test and County Championship Matches - The whole match counts. In drawn matches there must be a minimum of 200 overs bowled. Prices will be offered for the total runs scored during the 1st over of the match. Extras and penalty runs will be included.

The over must be completed for bets to stand unless settlement is already determined. The following minimum number of overs must be scheduled, and there must be an official result (Duckworth - Lewis counts) otherwise all bets are void, unless settlement is already determined. Test and First Class Matches - The whole match counts.

Prices will be offered on which team creates the most run-outs whilst fielding.

adeptus custodes kill team

If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then all bets will be void unless settlement is already determined. If a match is reduced in overs and a match result is reached then the team who effected most run-outs whilst fielding regardless of the amount of overs bowled will be the winners. In matches determined by a Super-Over any run out during the Super-Over will not count for settlement purposes.

In Test and First Class Matches all innings of the match will count. Prices will be offered for the number of runs scored during the 1st innings of the match, regardless of which team bats first.

adeptus custodes kill team

The following minimum number of overs must be scheduled otherwise all bets are void, unless settlement is already determined. Test and First Class Matches - Declarations will be considered the end of an innings for settlement purposes.

In the event of the 1st innings being forfeited all bets will be void. In the event of an innings not being completed due to outside interference or inclement weather all bets will be void unless settlement is already determined. If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then all bets will be void, unless settlement is already determined. In Test and County Championship matches, the whole match counts. In drawn games a minimum of 200 overs must be bowled, otherwise bets void, unless settlement of bets is already determined.